Superior Roof Drain Pans Eliminate Standing Rainwater!

Superior roof drain pans - a cost effective solution


  • Excessive standing rainwater can cause a flat roof to fail under the weight of the standing rainwater causing extensive property damage and personal injury.  

Eliminate Roof Damage Due To Standing Rainwater


Standing rainwater is the most destructive force on your flat roof causing unnecessary and EXPENSIVE repairs. Eliminate this condition and SAVE money on future roof repair.  

What Makes Superior Roof Drain Sump Pans "Superior?"

laser cutting machine fabricating a superior roof drain sump pan

Quality Engineering Using Modern Precision Laser Fabrication

  • The roof drain pans are fabricated on state of the art modern laser cutting machines resulting in precise dimensions. 
  • High quality 18 gauge galvanized steel is used for strength and durability. They are also produced using stainless steel and aluminum.
  •  This equates to a perfect fit on your roof drain installation project every time and a lifetime of trouble-free service.   

Unique Cutting Edge Design Resulting In "Industry first" Developments

  • Firstly, there hasn't been ANY standardized system for sumping roof drains short of building wooden boxes. (an industry first). A major time saver.
  • Secondly, this new roof drainage system is FAST and EASY to install by nearly anyone. There NO major structural modifications required. It takes the effort out of lowering a roof drain.  Contractors can easily 4x production.
  • Thirdly, two of the four roof drain sump pan models accept bottom or side out roof drains using the same sump pan. No need to buy two separate pans. (Also an industry first)
  • Fourth, two of the sump pan models allow you to choose which roof drain brand you would like to use. 
  • Upcoming developments will allow you to choose any one of the major roof drain brands on the market.  

Our customers love these superior grade roof drain sump pans

FAST and EASY Installation

I just received my first superior roof drain sump pans and flat roof drains from Roof Drain Pans co and installed them the same day. I accomplished in 45 minutes what would have taken me 3 or 4 hours! Major time saver and paid for the products many times over. Fast and easy to install just like it says. I'll be back for some more.... Eddie, Plumbing contractor.  (New Jersey) 


This video is fantastic & well done. I just left a roof we installed 10 years ago & if we would of installed these flush flat roof drains and your superior roof drain sump pans in the first place, then we wouldn't be repairing the drywall ceilings below for the last 4 years. Thank you for your video. 

Cheers Jeff (YouTube post) (uk) 

Increased My Production

Why didn't somebody come up with this idea before now? We will never build a wood sump box again!!  It takes 10 minutes to drop in the small single flat roof drain and the high quality superior roof drain sump pans and we're back to roofing. BIG time saver, pays for itself... L.D. Roofing contractor, Florida, USA

LSP Roof Drain Sump Pan

Roof drain installation using LSP roof drain sump pan and the Zurn 15" roof drain

SSP Roof Drain Pan

Roof drain installation of model SSP roof drain sump pan and the Frank Pattern/LSP products single roof drain on a flat roof

SCP Roof Drain Pan

Roof drain installation of model SCP roof drain sump pan and Frank Pattern/LSP products combination roof drain and overflow on a flat roof


LCP Roof Drain Pan

Roof drain installation of model LCP roof drain sump pan and Zurn combination roof drain and overflow on a flat roof


Here are more roof drain sump pan benefits

contractors contemplate which roof drain sump pan sto use

Contractors can increase production and reduce labor costs

Property Managers/Owners: SAVE MONEY on roof repairs and maintenance costs!

Architects and Engineers: Value added to your clients

Value Added Services

Stainless steel & aluminum roof drain pans!

special order option for superior grade roof drain sump pans such as stainless steel and aluminum,

Get the best of the best. 

  1. These superior roof drain sump pans are available in stainless steel and aluminum via special order. Perfect for our visitors from Hawaii  and other island nations.
  2. Need a flat roof drain with a larger pipe connection? No problem. 
  3. Call or e-mail for a custom quote
  4. 888 900-9145.  (949) 297-8689. USA PST. 8 am to 5 pm, M -F less holidays

Professional Roof Drain Installations In So Calif USA

Professional roof drain installation showing a plumber installing LSP roof drain sump pan and Zurn Z100 flat roof drain

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