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The only brand of superior grade roof drain sump pans engineered to lower or "sump" cast iron roof drains FAST and EASY!

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Use A Roof Drain Sump Pan On Your Flat Roof...

Contractor Benefits


Contractors Can Increase Production While Decreasing Labor Costs

roof drain installation

 Having pre-fabricated roof drain sump pans and their flat roof drains in a ready to install kit  on the job can dramatically increase production on roofing and construction projects.   

Sump your flat roof drains in minutes, not hours.  You will never have to build a  wooden "sump box" again!     

Which Major Roofing Manufacturer Recommends Using Roof Drain Sump Pans?

roof drain installation

One of the biggest manufacturers of roofing materials recommends using roof drain sump pans to eliminate or prevent standing rainwater on a flat roof?  

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Have The Roof Drain Sump Pan Advantage On Your Next Flat Roofing Project


Sumping your roof drains provides the major advantage of making the roof drains the lowest points on the roof.  

The benefits to this are widely known in the industry but being able to sump the roof drain Quickly and Easily is a new development and one that you can easily benefit from. 

Property Management Benefits

Property managers and owners/facility managers

The Roof Drain Pan Helps To Minimize Roof Repair

flat roof drainage problems

The roof drains in the side wall did NOTHING to remove rainwater as they simply were not in the low spots. The resulting standing rainwater destroyed this roof and cost the owner tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Further, the roof was just repaired and still no new roof drains were installed. Once the covering is compromised, water intrusion will cause extensive property damage and may cause mold growth. Exposure to mold can cause serious health problems.

No complicated fix or roof resloping required. A properly located and sumped roof drain solved this problem TOO EASY!  CLICK HERE TO SEE 

Resloping The Entire Roof? Install Sumped Roof Drains Instead

sloping the roof toward the flat roof drain


In many cases, installing sumped flat roof drains has been a money saving alternative to resloping part, or all, of a flat roof toward the roof drains.

Property owners have potentially saved tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars using this system. 

Installing sumped roof drains in the low spots absolutely will eliminate standing rainwater. 

Helps To Eliminate A Flat Roof Collapse

roof collapse due to lack of adequate roof drainage

 Huge pools of standing rainwater can exert an excessive load on a flat roof and cause it to collapse in extreme cases  This can cause catastrophic property damage and personal injury.

This simple, low tech roof drain pan can actually prevent that situation from happening.   

Improve The Flat Roof Drain Performance


 On the subject flat roof drainage, "conveyance", rate of, is vitally important. This means how fast can the rainwater be moved from the roof. A roof drain sump pan lowers the flat roof drain and uses gravity to draw the rainwater toward it resulting in improved conveyance.    

Choose Which Roof Drain Sump Pan Installation Kit Works For You

Superior Grade, laser fabricated roof drain sump pans

Model SSP Roof drain Sump Pan - standard


  • SSP roof drain installation kit comes with the roof drain sump pan, 8-1/2" roof drain and hardware.
  •  Use this flat roof drainage system if you're  joists are 16" on center and you are sumping a single roof drain 

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Model LSP Roof Drain Sump Pan - standard

Model LSP roof drain sump pan design sumps the Zurn Z100 bottom outlet roof drain and the Z100-90 si

  • LSP roof drain installation kit comes with the roof drain sump pan, 15" roof drain, and hardware.
  • Use this flat roof drainage system if you're  joists are 24" on center and you are sumping a single roof drain

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Model SCP Roof Drain Sump Pan - standard



  • Model SCP roof drain sump pan is the “big brother” to model SSP and is one of our most unique products. 
  • It very easily manages to fit the double, one piece combination roof drain between joists that are 16″ on center without a single modification. A real time saver! There is no other roof drain sump pan on the market that does that!    
  • It is sold in this Ready To Install Kit or in a stand-alone roof drain sump pan.  

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Model LCP Roof Drain Sump Pan - standard


  • LCP roof drain pans installation kit comes with the double roof drain sump pan, two 15" flat roof drains and hardware.
  •   Use this flat roof drainage system if you're  joists are 24" (minimum) on center. Uses Zurn ZC100 flat roof drains.  

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See What Our Customers Have To Say

FAST and EASY Installation

I just received my first roof drain sump pans and flat roof drains from Roof Drain Pans co and installed them the same day. I accomplished in 45 minutes what would have taken me 3 or 4 hours! Major time saver and paid for the products many times over. Fast and easy to install just like it says. I'll be back for some more.... Eddie, Plumbing contractor.  (New Jersey) 


This video is fantastic & well done. I just left a roof we installed 10 years ago & if we would of installed these flush flat roof drains and roof drain sump pans then we wouldn't be repairing the drywall ceilings below for the last 4 years. Thank you for your video. 

Cheers Jeff (YouTube post) (uk) 


These roof drain sump pans do exactly what is said will do. Find your low spot, drop it in, connect piping, seal it up and the standing rain water disappears. Fast, easy and cost effective.  

J.R. Roofing contractor, CA, USA


Why didn't somebody come up with this idea before now? We will never build a wood sump box again!!  It takes 10 minutes to drop in the small single flat roof drain and the roof drain sump pans and we're back to roofing. BIG time saver, pays for itself... L.D. Roofing contractor, Florida, USA


As a property owner, I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I have spent trying to resolve the large pools of standing rain water on my flat roof with no lasting permanent results. They build up the low area and a pond develops somewhere else. Who does that? The roof drain sump pans we purchased from Jim at Roof Drain Pans lowered the roof drains and no more standing rain water. They work great!!  M.V. property owner. Texas,USA

Which Major Roofing Manufacturer Recommends Using Roof Drain Sump Pans?

Find out more

Roof Drain Installation Testimonial

This is video testimonial of an ALL Tech Plumbing customer that used the high quality roof drain sump pans on his roofing project. The sump pans totally eliminated the standing rainwater issue and saved this property owner tens of thousands of dollars of future property damages. 

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