Features and Benefits of This Flat Roof Drainage System

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Mitigate Flat Roof Damage-SAVE MONEY...

Helps to mitigate any further flat roof damage due to standing rainwater. The rainwater contains contaminants that can work to destroy a flat roof. Removing the cause of the damage will help to stop the damage.  Check out our roof drain installation video

Prevent flat roof damage before it begins!

Modern roof materials can stand up to corrosive substances better than before but flat roofs are not generally designed to carry the extreme weight placed on them by large pools of standing rainwater and can collapse under the pressure. "Sumping" the roof drains with these roof drain sump pans will solve the problem and save tens of thousands dollars on damages. 

Excellent Quality

Fits between joists that are 16" and 24" on center, no modifications required

No underdeck clamp required

Precision laser fabricated and assembled for perfect fit. No welding or metal cutting needed.

Steel riveted joints for added strength

Roof drain mounting hardware ​ included

Accepts bottom and side outlet roof drains with overflow


  • AVAILABLE in 18 gauge galvanized steel, aluminum* and stainless steel.
  • Accepts bottom and side outlet roof drains with overflow except model SCP
  • Patented design incorporates the integral 2" sump feature
  • Applications include new construction or retrofit
  • Can be used on wood framed, concrete and steel roofs

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Contractors: Reduce labor costs while increasing production

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 These roof drain sump pans can dramatically increase production on roofing projects .The pre-fabricated roof drain pan and roof drain can be installed in minutes rather than hours required to build wood boxes thereby reducing labor costs and increasing production.  



 Standing rainwater may contain acid rain and other environmental contaminants that can be extremely corrosive and destructive to the roof covering. Over time, they can completely destroy the roof, requiring expensive repair or replacement. Sump pans eliminate standing rainwater and eliminate the need for repairs.    

Help to eliminate roof collapse

flat roof drain, standing rainwater,flat roof drainage

 Standing rainwater can place an excessive load on a flat roof to the point of causing the flat roof to collapse. Installing roof drain sump pans eliminate the standing rainwater and may save thousands of dollars on property damage.  

SAVE MONEY on roof sloping


When you sump or lower the roof drains on the low spots of the flat roof, they automatically become the lowest points on the flat roof. Water will naturally gravitate toward them. Doing this may eliminate the cost of resloping the entire flat roof which is  VERY EXPENSIVE. 

NOTE: This advice does not rule out the need for structural issues and the need to reslope the roof.