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This page features pictures and video that our valued customers sent in of their roof drain installation projects. Each demonstrates how the roof drain pans solved their drainage issue.  Reading through you may see your roof drainage problem is similar to what you see. We hope that one of our products can help solve your flat roof drainage problem  too. Feel free to contact us with any questions.   949 297-8689

Brooklyn project description

  • J.M. decided on using the model SCP roof drain sump pan and the Frank Pattern combination cast iron roof drain for his project after trying 13 times to fix the roof and drainage.
  • Incorporating the overflow roof drain was important since the Brownstone roof was surrounded by a parapet wall which meant the rainwater would pool on the flat roof. 
  • If the primary roof drain ever became clogged, the overflow roof drain would take over and prevent the heavy ponding rainwater. 
  • This is VERY  inexpensive insurance against a roof cave in from an excessive roof load.   

TPO project description

Modern roofing materials- TPO

One of our valued customers who is a professional roofing contractor bought model SSP roof drain sump pan kit for use on one of his projects. 

He graciously supplied me with these excellent pictures of the quality roof drain installation. 

The installation is neat and clean and demonstrates the compatibility of this product with newest of roofing material innovations. 

For those not familiar with this roofing material, this type of material is "heat welded" at the seams. The heat bonds the material together for a watertight seal. 

model SSP roof drain sump pan and Frank Pattern roof drain

model SSP roof drain sump pan and Frank Pattern roof drain

Roof Drain Project Description


Effectively Eliminating Excessive Standing Rainwater

This is a two story building that had significant roof drainage issues. 

In addition to having several low spots that developed from settling of the building, the entire perimeter has a six foot vertical wall surrounding it which served to trap the rainwater. 

The standing rainwater added an excessive amount of weight to the flat roof that created a very dangerous condition. 

The property owner wanted to use a drainage system that made sure that the roof drains would be lower than the general roof surface. He decided on the system shown.   

The roofing contractor used a spray on coating over the existing roof.   

The second phase of the project was to run the piping under the concrete sidewalk as a means of conveying the rainwater to a safe termination point.