Here are some of the most common questions asked ...

Can I buy the roof drain sump pan only?

Yes. In many cases the roof drains are available in your locality, thereby saving you potentially hundreds on product and shipping costs. The sump pans are available on the shopping cart.

Other customers however want a one-stop shopping experience. For this reason we have bundled the roof drains and sump pans into one convenient easy to install pack.

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How do I seal the assembly?

We always recommend having a roofing professional deal with the waterproofing and a plumber deal with the plumbing side of it. This is the same standard that is used when installing other cast iron flat roof drains and sump receivers that are available on the market. You Tube has some excellent videos on the subject.

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Do the sump pans fit all cast iron roof drains?

No. Currently models SSP and SCP fit the Frank Pattern/LSP products roof drains. 

The larger sump pans, models LSP and LCP roof drain pans, accept the Zurn Z100 brand roof drains. 

Near future plans include plans to include the other brands on the market. 

Can I get stainless steel sump pans ?

Yes, they are an excellent choice for the very wet climates such as Hawaii, Florida etc.  They are special order. Call us or e-mail for pricing, shipping etc. 

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I have limited space between my roof and ceiling.Will your products work in that scenario?

In that case, we recommend a side outlet roof drain. It is VITAL to make sure that the roof drain outlet is not lower than your existing piping if you are doing a changeout, otherwise you will have reslope the piping.

If you installing new flat roof drains and piping horizontally, make sure that you have adequate room for sloping the pipe toward the termination point.  See the link below for full info. 

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I read everything and still have questions. Do you have tech support?

Yes, tech support is free and we are in So Calif USA. Call and speak to a plumber. We not only produce and sell these products, we're a plumbing contractor and use them on our projects. Or e-mail any questions. We're experts at using these products. 

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What makes these roof drain pans superior?

Patented Sump Feature


  • They are the only superior grade roof drain sump pans that have a patented "sump feature" specifically engineered into the design. 
  • Field modifications are not required.  A real time saver for contractors.  
  • No underdeck clamp required 

Quality Laser Fabrication



  • Fabricated and assembled on state-of-the-art modern laser machines.
  • Precision cut and assembled parts, mounting holes and tabs make for perfect lines, angles and dimensions. This quality fabrication means a perfect fit to the roof drain and to the flat roof. 
  •  Steel riveted joints for added strength.  

Versatile Applications


These roof drain sump pans can be used on new construction or retrofit projects.

Further they can be installed on wood framed, concrete and steel roofs and are FAST and EASY to install.

All of the sump pans accept bottom, side, primary and  overflow flat roof drains. 

They are available in 18 gauge galvanized steel, aluminum* and stainless steel. 

The two smaller roof drain pans fit between joists that are either 16" or 24" on center, no modifications required.   

The two main methods are wood sump box or tapered insulation

Wood sump box


  • Until now there hasn't been a uniform roof drain sump pan that you can buy over the counter that was designed to lower the primary and overflow roof drains. Rather, the contractor was left to figure it all out.
  • The main method or technology for sumping roof drains for flat roofs has been to build a wood sump box constructed on the job using construction materials. This method is labor intensive and inconvenient.


Insulated Flat Roofs


Modern roofing often uses insulation to slope to the roof drains.  

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