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LCP Saver Pack -standard


Starting at $255.00 each

LCP Pack 1 - SAVE $25.00

LCP Pack 2 - SAVE $50.00

LCP Pack 3 - SAVE $76.50

LCP Pack 4 - SAVE $102.00

LCP Pack 5 - SAVE $127.50  

LCP Pack 6 - SAVE $156.00

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LCP Super Saver Packs-standard


WAS $925.00      ON SALE $825.00 

includes the sump pan, one primary and one secondary roof drain and hardware. 

  • Packs 1-9... SAVE 15%
  • Packs 10-20...SAVE 20%
  • Packs 20-30...SAVE 25%
  • Packs 30-40...SAVE 30%

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Buy Your Roof Drain Locally - Save 100% on shipping


 You can buy these roof drains in your City and eliminate shipping from our outlets across the US.  

SAVE up to 95% on sump pan shipping


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  • Example: the cost to ship one LCP sump pan from Los Angeles to Chicago is $86.00 
  • 2 sump pans is $89.00 
  • 4 pans $142.00
  • 6 pans $186.00 
  • based on retail rates


Your savings may cover your shipping costs



  • Use your bulk purchase discount to maximize your savings.
  • Most of these packs ship freight. Call for pricing.
  • Zurn flat roof drains are shipped to the Midwest and East Coast from our Florida distributor. 
  • West Coast shipments are from Los Angeles. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Which roof drains are used with LCP roof drain pan?

Zurn ZC100 primary roof drain and ZC100-89 overflow roof drain

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What are the roof drain pans dimensions?

45-3/4" L x 30-1/2" W x 2-1/2" depth (sump) 

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How much space is needed to install this unit?

  1. You should have about 15" between the roof and the ceiling and 22" horizontally between the joists for the bottom outlet roof drains

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Is there a gasket between the roof drain and the sump pan?

No. Sealing or waterproofing of the entire roof drain and the sump pan should be done by licensed professionals. All of the cast iron roof drains and sump receiver pans on the market are handled the same way.   

Does LCP roof drain pan require any special bracing or supports?

Yes, it is recommended that you provide a brace across the middle of the pan. ave you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Can I buy the roof drains locally and save the shipping costs?

Yes. You save BIG TIME as the bulk of weight in the assembly is the roof drains. Download the spec sheet and e-mail it to your supplier. 


What are the sump pan and roof drain dimensions? How much space do I need to install both units? Here are the downloads.  

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Check out this roof drain installation video

Here is a great video that shows an actual installation using roof drain pan model LCP on a flat roof that had collapsed due to excessive standing rainwater. 

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