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Product Purpose And Description

 There are two versions of roof drain sump pan LSP: 

  • the first is the standard version which accepts the bottom outlet roof drain and 
  • the second version is the modified version that accepts the side outlet roof drain. 

Roof drain sump pan model LSP standard is specifically designed to "sump", or lower, the Zurn Z100 15" primary, bottom outlet cast iron roof drain. 

Roof drain sump pan model LSP “modified” accepts the Z100-90 side outlet roof drain. 

The integral sump feature lowers the roof drain 2-1/2" below the flat roof deck  surface. Sumping a flat roof drain is vital if you want to maximize your roof drains potential and eliminate standing water on your flat roof. 

The physical drainage surface of the sump pan is added to that of the large 15" roof drain and are a powerful combination. The combined surface area can dramatically improve the roof drains capability! 

Similar sump pan receivers do not have this feature. 

The outside sump pan dimension is 32" x 32" and the sump area is 22" x 22".  The sump area adds to the large 15" bowl diameter  to create a huge drainage area.  ROOF DRAIN SUMP PAN DETAIL

The roof drain alone, with it's massive 15" bowl inlet, and less the area of the sump pan, can drain up to 110 gallons per minute of rainwater and serve a roof area of 5,300 square feet. This is based on a 4" pipe at 1/4" drop per foot at 2" per hour of rainfall. (ref 2018 Uniform plumbing code.)

roof drain sump pan, model LSP

roof drain sump pan, model LSP

Choose Your Roof Drain Sump Pan Kit

LSP Saver Packs - standard

Superior grade roof drain sump pan model LSP

BASELINE Price $162.75        

  • This standard roof drain pan accepts the bottom outlet Zurn Z-100 roof drain up to 8" pipe size  
  • Shipped in bundles for maximum savings



LSP Super Saver Packs-standard


Regular Price $375.25


 LSP roof drain pan standard is sold as a pre-bundled kit and includes: 

  • larger drain pipe sizes
  • outlet types
  • stainless steel sump pans

  • Quantity discounts ...Your savings may pay for your shipping costs!
  • Freight Shipping:4 Packs and larger ship freight. Call or e-mail for rates. 


LSP Saver Packs - modified

roof drain sump pan, Zurn roof drain

Reg Price $450.00

NEW LOW PRICE $425.00 

LSP roof drain pan modified is sold as a pre-bundled kit and includes: 

This roof drain sump pan is a special order. 

Please send an e-mail with the particulars or call for a quote. 


SAVE up to 100% on sump pan shipments

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That's right, with our bundled shipping. 

  • Example: the cost to ship one LSP sump pan from Los Angeles to Chicago is $92.07 
  • 2 sump pans is $106.00    
  • 4 pans $109.00 
  • based on retail rates


roof drain installation, roof drain sump pan

Roof Drain Pans company is totally committed to making sure you get the RIGHT products for your job. 

To this end we have the "call the plumber" toll free hotline for questions and technical help. FREE!  

Feel free to contact by phone or e-mail 

888 900-9145.  Pacific time, USA 

SAVE ANOTHER 100% on drain shipping


The roof drains may be are available  in your locality.  This would save 100% on roof drain shipping.   


This versatile sump pan can be installed on a wood, metal or concrete roof without extensive modification to the roof, the sump pan or drain with the exception of model LCP. You can use both sump pan versions to accommodate your pipe direction.  

Roof Drain Sump Pan LSP...Fast and Easy To Install

This roof drain installation video shows an actual project where roof drain pan LSP "sumped", or lowered, a Zurn 15" cast iron roof drain. While the video shows the older version sump pan being installed, the new version uses the same installation procedure.  This video mainly shows the top view or the rooftop view. 

Once installed, the ponding rainwater was completely eliminated. While the video shows a professional plumber, this drain system can be installed by the novice and professional alike

Bottom View - Roof Drain Sump Pan LSP

This short video shows LSP roof drain pan installed between joists 24" on center.     

Installation is three fast and easy steps: 

  1. cut the hole for the assembly
  2. attach the roof drain to the pan
  3. set the assembly in the roof and attach to the joists. 
  4. This process can be done in less than 10 minutes easy. 

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