LCP Roof Drain Sump Pan Features & Benefits standard version


There are two versions of LCP roof drain pan :

  • the first is the standard version which accepts the bottom outlet flat roof drains
  • the second version is the modified version that accepts the side outlet roof drains
  •  LCP roof drain sump pan standard is specifically designed to "sump", or lower, the Zurn Z100 15" and the Jay R. Smith primary, bottom outlet cast iron roof drain and the 15" overflow roof drain. 

Roof drain sump pan model LCP “modified”

  • accepts the side outlet roof drain. It is used when space is at a minimum on your flat roof drain installation project. This version of LCP roof drain sump pan is a special order item.


  • The physical flat roof drainage area of the sumped portion of the drain pan is added to that of the large 15" roof drain bowl area and are a powerful drainage combination. 
  • The combined surface area can dramatically improve the roof drains' performance and capability!  Similar sump pan receivers DO NOT HAVE THIS FEATURE !!!   
  •  The outside sump pan dimension of LCP roof drain sump pan is 45.75 " x  30.50".    ROOF DRAIN SUMP PAN DETAIL

How Much Rainwater Can LCP Roof Drain Sump Pan Handle?

  • The flat roof drain alone, with it's massive 15" bowl inlet, and less the area of the LCP roof drain sump pan, can drain up to 110 gallons per minute of rainwater and serve a roof area of 5,300 square feet. This is based on a 4" pipe at 1/4" drop per foot at 2" per hour of rainfall. (ref 2018 Uniform plumbing code.)
  • This makes it suited to larger commercial and industrial flat roof drain installation projects.

When To Use Model LCP Roof Drain Sump Pan?

  1. When you need to sump the primary and overflow combination flat roof drains as shown. 
  2. You will need 22" of clear space between your roof joists, minimum.  
  3. Bracing LCP roof drain sump pan midway is recommended as seen in the video. 
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If you have ever tried to build a wood sump box for a single flat roof drain installation, then you you know how labor intensive and cumbersome it is. Well, you can double that effort with a double sump pan. What's your lost production worth? LCP roof drain sump pan eliminates this need 

SAVE money on LCP roof drain pan packs

LCP Saver Pack -standard


$255.00 each


  • one galvanized steel double LCP roof drain sump pan in 18 gauge
  • available in stainless steel or aluminum by special order.
  • SHIPS FREE in the continental US.
  • Discount shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico 

LCP Super Saver Packs-standard


ON SALE $699.00

  • SHIPS FREE in the continental US. This is a $150.00 SAVINGS PER KIT
  • Discount shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico  
  • Order a 10 Pack and get 10% off
  • Order a 20 Pack and get 15% off
  • Order a 30 Pack and get 20% off

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