LSP Roof Drain Pan - standard version


Quality & Versatility - standard options with every LSP roof drain pan


You will NEVER sump a large, heavy, cumbersome 15" cast iron flat roof drain as easily as you will using LSP roof drain pan. This easy to use sump pan takes ALL of the effort out of the otherwise LABOR INTENSIVE task of building a wood sump box!  

  • For contractors & builders, the speed of installation will increase jobsite production and reduce labor costs. 
  • It is easily adaptable to retrofit applications or new construction projects.   

There are two versions of LSP roof drain pan : 

  • the first is the standard version which accepts the bottom outlet Zurn Z100 and the Jay R. Smith 1010 15" flat roof drains. 
  • the second is the modified version that accepts the side outlet Z 100 flat roof drain.

optional metal choices include:  

  • stainless steel and aluminum 
  • metal thicknesses
  • powder coating


  • weighs on 12.5 lbs. and is easy to handle on the jobsite. 
  • stout 18 gauge galvanized steel metal
  • laser fabricated that results in perfect fitment every time
  • 30 degree sump allows easy transition from the flat roof into the roof drain 

LSP Roof Drain Pan standard

  • LSP Roof drain pan standard is specifically designed to "sump", or lower, the Zurn Z100 15" primary, bottom outlet cast iron flat roof drain. 
  • It lowers the roof drain 2-1/2" below the roof deck which makes the roof drain the lowest point on the roof.
  • Superior grade, laser fabrication results in a perfect fit, a perfect roof drain installation every time.  

Roof Drain Pan LSP - modified version

LSP Roof drain pan “modified” has been modified from the standard version to accept the Z100-90 side outlet flat roof drain. It is used when space is at a minimum on your roof drain installation project. This sump pan is a special order item.

Zurn Z100 Flat Roof Drains

  • The Zurn primary, cast iron, bottom and side outlet flat roof drain models that fit LSP roof drain pan is the 15"  Z100 (bottom) outlet version and the Z100-90 in the side outlet style.
  • Both roof drains are 100% cast iron in construction and stand up to the roughest roof drain installation conditions.
  • They are available from 2" - 8" pipe sizes and in no-hub or threaded connection.   
  • The roof drain, with it's massive 15" bowl inlet, and less the area of the sump pan, can drain up to 110 gallons per minute of rainwater and serve a roof area of 5,300 square feet. This is based on a 4" pipe at 1/4" drop per foot at 2" per hour of rainfall. (ref 2018 Uniform plumbing code.)

How To Install LSP Roof Drain Pan

  1. You will never have to build a cumbersome, clumsy, labor intensive wood sump box again, nor will you want to after you install LSP roof drain pan and the flat roof drain for the first time. Your roof drain installation will be FAST and EASY   
  2. If this installation takes you more than 15 minutes on a wood framed roof, you are taking too long! 
  3. Contractors, builders, developers use this system to increase production. You should get a 4x increase. Buy some sump pans and see for yourself.  

Choose an LSP roof drain pan pack that fits your budget...

LSP Saver Packs - standard

Superior grade roof drain sump pan model LSP


  • 1 Pack $148.80 
  • 2-10 Packs $144.00 
  • 11 - 20  Packs  $140.00 
  • 21 - 30 Pack $136.00 
  • 31 - 40 Packs $132.00 
  • SAVE up to an additional 95% costs due to our bundled shipping.
  • add a flat roof drain to LSP roof drain pan to make a complete ready to install roof drain installation kit.


Ready-to-install LSP Super Saver Packs



  1. FREE SHIPPING on all orders! A $75.00 value.
  2. Order an LSP roof drain pan Super Saver 6 Pack and save an extra 5%. 
  3. More quantity deals are coming. Check back often.
  4. Need a larger quantity? (more than 10 kits, pans and flat roof drains)  Call us for a custom quote and additional discounts


roof drains

Flat Roof Drain:

6" and 8" outlet sizes in both side and bottom outlet configurations 

Outlet types: threaded 2" overflow dam


Stainless steel and aluminum sump pans are the ultimate in a roof drain installation project.

These are special order. Please call for a quote.  


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Model LSP roof drain pan will be able to receive other roof drain brands such as Jay R. Smith, Josam and Wade. 

This means you can buy one sump pan for the most common brands on the market!  

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