Installation of this roof drain pan is FAST and Easy


This roof drain installation video shows an actual project where roof drain pan SCP was used.

Once installed, the ponding rainwater was completely eliminated. This drain system can be installed by the novice and professional alike. 

combination roof drain

Model SCP Product Purpose and Description

Model SCP roof drain sump pan description

 Roof drain sump pan model SCP's rectangular space is specifically designed to “sump”, or lower, the Frank Pattern 8-1/2″ (bowl dimension) combination cast iron, single plate cast iron roof drains.  The single plate, heavy duty combination flat roof drains fit perfectly in the sump pan and the entire unit is quickly bolted to the sump pan with six bolts.  . COMBO ROOF DRAIN SPECS. 

The overall dimension of the sump pan is 34-1/2″ x 26″ x 2″ deep.  SCP sump pan specs   

This versatile sump pan also accepts the single, flat, individual primary and overflow flat roof drains in a side outlet configuration for those projects that have limited space. Each roof drain is bolted to the sump pan  in four places. FAST, EASY,  SINGLE ROOF DRAIN SPECS 

This conversion from bottom to side outlet flat roof drains is possible due to Roof Drain Pans Co.'s patent pending flat roof drain pan adapter.  The adapter is bolted to the pan first and then the individual roof drains are bolted in.  The adapter is also precision fabricated from the same 18 gauge galvanized sheet metal as the sump pan. adapter. 

  • Model SCP superior grade sump pan is fabricated on modern laser equipment using 18 gauge steel provides and produces exceptional quality. 
  • The entire assembly is installed between joists that are 16″ on center without modifications to any of the structural members               
  • Made from sturdy 18 gauge galvanized steel but they are available in stainless steel, aluminum and thicker metals by special order. 
  • Engineered into each roof drain pan is the 2" integral roof drain sump.  
  • Reinforced with riveted joints that provide added strength and rigidity.
  • Fabricated on state-of-the-art laser production equipment
  • The combination roof drain and overflow models are 850-2N, 850-3N, 850-4N
  • Single flat roof drain models 852N, 853N, 854N, 852SN, 853SN, 854SN 

Roof Drain Pan SCP Purpose

The purpose of roof drain pan SCP is to sump ot lower the single plate combination roof drains and also sump the individual single flat roof drains. This makes them the lowest point(s) on the roof. This will draw the standing rainwater into the sump pan and the flat roof drain effectively eliminating major ponding area(s).  


INCREASED  EFFICIENCY:  The unique integral sump feature easily lowers both of the roof drains two inches below the flat roof deck surface making them the lowest point on the roof. Being the lowest point on the roof, gravity then pushes the rainwater into the sump pan and thus the roof drains.


Further, the combined surface area of the sump pan and the flat roof drains will increase drainage capacity over a standard sump receiver. 

Sumping a roof drain is vital if you want to maximize your roof drains potential and eliminate standing water on your flat roof. 


This versatile sump pan can be installed on a wood, metal or concrete roof without extensive modification to either the roof, the sump pan or the roof drain, with the exception of model LCP. 

Roof Drain Sump Pan SCP Product Choices


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OPTION 1: SCP Saver Pack


Reg Price $175   NOW $149.00 + qty discounts

  • Includes the roof drain pan.  

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OPTION 2: SCP Super Saver Pack - standard


  • $265.00  + qty discounts
  • Includes the combination roof drain, the roof drain sump pan and hardware.  
  • Please call for freight shipping costs over 150 lbs. 

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OPTION 3: SCP Super Saver Pack - modified

roof drain sump pan, flat roof drain

Starting at $325.00 + discounts

Includes the double roof drain pan, the sump pan adapter, two side outlet single roof drains, 2" overflow dam  and and hardware.  

Call to order.


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SCP roof drain pan

roof drain sump pan, flat roof drain

This roof drain pan "sumps" or lowers the roof drain. It is priced starting at $265.00 with bulk discounts available.The BEST roof drain sump pan on the market.

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