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SSP roof drain sump pan "sumps" the Frank Pattern single flat roof drains FAST and EASY!

  • ROOF DRAIN PAN FEATURES: This versatile roof drain pan is designed to sump the bottom and the side outlet Frank Pattern single roof drains. 
  • It fits perfectly between joists that are 16” on center with 14”of clear space between the joists. 
  • Made from sturdy 18 gauge galvanized steel and they are available in stainless steel, aluminum and thicker metals by special order. 
  • Engineered two inch integral roof  drain sump feature  
  • Outside roof drain pan dimensions are 24" x 24"
  • Reinforced with riveted joints that provide added strength and rigidity.
  • Fabricated on state-of-the-art laser production equipment


  • The entire flat roof drain is 100% cast iron construction.
  • The bottom outlet flat roof drain models used are 854N, 853N and 852N and are available in 2", 3" and 4" pipe sizes and are a no-hub connection only. 
  • This optional Frank Pattern side outlet flat roof drain should be used where space is limited between the flat roof and the ceiling. 

Roof Drain Installation Video

See how fast and easy it is to sump this roof drain using model SSP roof drain sump pan.   

Install in minutes rather than hours. No more clumsy, labor intensive wooden sump boxes to build.  

Contractors can dramatically increase production while reducing labor costs.  

Get savings on roof drain pan SSP

SSP Saver Packs


 Starting at  $125.00    

Includes the sump pan(s)


2 Pack- SAVE $25.50 on shipping + $20.00 bulk discount

3 Pack- SAVE $51.00 on shipping + $30.00 bulk discount

4 Pack- SAVE $76.50 on shipping + $40.00 bulk discount

5 Pack- SAVE $102.00 on shipping + $50.00 bulk discount

6 Pack- SAVE $127.50.00 on shipping + $60.00 bulk discount

10 Pack - SAVE $150.00 + FREE SHIPPING  

20 Pack - SAVE $250.00 + FREE SHIPPING  


Sample savings: 1 sump pan to Chicago Ill USA 60657, residential, Fed Ex ground, is $25.50 (approx) and to ship six sump pans to the same location in one box is $ 53.90 (approx). Each pan ships for $8.98 rather than $25.50!   

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Starting at  $195.00 

Includes the sump pan(s), roof drain(s) and hardware

- Same savings as SAVER Packs plus quantity discount savings:


2 Pack- SAVE $45.00 on pan shipping and $27.30 bulk discount. 

3 Pack- SAVE $90.00 on pan shipping and $41.00 bulk discount

4 Pack- SAVE $135.00 on pan shipping and $55.00 bulk discount.

5 Pack- SAVE $180.00 on pan shipping and $68.75 bulk discount.

6 Pack- SAVE $226.00 on pan shipping and $82.00 bulk discount.




 SAVE  up tp 95% shipping costs on our bundled sump pan packs.  

SAVE up to 25% on bulk purchases 

  • The combined savings may cover all shipping costs.

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        Order by 12 PM, PST Calif time and we will ship your order within ​​24 hrs or your shipping is FREE! (up to 10 packs)   (weekends and holidays excluded)   

BOXED and ready to ship. Applies to SAVER Packs only.   

Want a custom order?

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Call us for your custom order needs.

  • Do you need stainless steel roof drain sump pans?
  • Do you need aluminum roof drain pans?
  • Do you need flat roof drains with a larger pipe size than 6"?
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